About Us

We differentiate between people who only want to make money off of others and those who want to educate and share knowledge on how to properly navigate the frontier of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. It’s our mission to provide the best information within the industry to point the average investor or trader in the right direction to help themselves in the world of Decentralized Finance (Defi). With 5 years experience, in a constantly evolving space, we keep you updated with the tools and knowledge to stay ahead of the game. We are the experts and the number one go-to-place for cryptocurrency and blockchain education in the world. We apply our expertise and skills from our most involved instructors to anyone who needs it, while making the necessary up-to-date tips accessible to anyone.

Why BlockFind

We help connect all the dots within cryptocurrency. From understanding the basics of the technology, the art of learning trading parameters and strategies, to yield farming and liquidity pools, We have you covered! Our team makes it our goal to connect you with the help and resources you need for whatever aspect of cryptocurrency that you want to learn. Follow us for great information and details in this revolutionary space! We truly believe in offering nothing but the connections and tools to becoming a blockchain pro!

Our Difference

We were founded by and continue to be governed by top instructors and university graduates. We are the only leading cryptocurrency and defi provider that is both open to the public and free for anyone who wants to get involved with our chats. BlockFind is the open-source provider that powers courses and is freely available. With BlockFind Earn, educators and technologists can build learning tools and contribute new features to the ecosystem, creating innovative solutions to benefit people everywhere around the world.